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ICT Assistant


  • Must have completed a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or related course


Under the direct supervision of the Head of the ICT Department, the ICT Assistant is in charge of ensuring that all ICT issues and requests received from clients are attended and resolved.


1. Participates in consultation meetings with the Department or Office Heads to solicit their inputs and specifications for the acquisition or development of computer programs responsive to their needs.

2. Assists in the management and maintenance of the University's integrated computer network.

3. Checks software applications that are pre-loaded in newly acquired computers or installs operating systems of newly purchased desktop or laptop computers, if none was pre-loaded.

4. Conducts random check of personally-owned computers, peripherals, and related electronic devices brought in by employees and students to ensure their integrity and to prevent the spread of virus.

5. Assists in the development, installation, testing, and debugging of required computer software programs for the University's operations.

6. Assists in troubleshooting minor software glitches and computer errors; reports all anomalies noticed in software applications to concerned provider to generate remedial action.

7. Develops and consolidates reports required by the various departments involving information extraction from the various databases.

8. Conducts quarterly physical inspection and spot audit of software installed in all school computers to ensure compliance with copyright and licensing agreements; deletes computer programs and files that have not been authorized for installation.

9. Establishes and maintains inventory database covering school-wide hardware and software assets.

10. Implements control procedures for the installation of hardware and software to ensure accuracy and compliance with systems policy.

11. Acts as software custodian/ librarian by taking physical custody of software applications, drivers, installers, etc. as well as discs particularly those requiring license for local usage.

12. Maintains the technical aspects of the University's website.

13. Renders user assistance such as:

a. Uploading / downloading files
b. Technical assistance in the use of both developed and acquired software
c. First level technical assistance to users before dispatch of ICT technician

14. Participates in the delivery and administration of computer literacy programs for
employees of the organization.

15. Performs other related tasks as may be required by the Head of ICT Department.


List of Initial Requirements:

  1. Job Applicant Consent Form
  2. Curriculum Vitae with 1x1 picture
  3. Photocopy of Transcript of Records, Diploma, and/or Certificate of Grades
  4. Application letter addressed to Mr. Roland P. Ordañez (Acting Head, Human Resource Department)
  5. Valid Licenses & Board Ratings (if applicable)
  6. Certificate/s of Employment / Certificate of Good Moral for fresh graduates
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