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Marketing Assistant


Must be a graduate of a bachelor's degree in or related to Secretarial Administration, Marketing, Management, Mass Communication or Computer Science/Information Technology


Under the direct supervision of the Head of the Marketing Communications Department, performs office routines and assists in the student recruitment, advertising and public relations actvities

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Accommodates walk-in applicants and visitors
  • Assist and answers applicants' inquiries and telephone calls
  • Files and retrieves forms, documents, memos, and al pertinent office papers
  • Receives and disseminates office communications and other materials
  • Prepares and encodes memoranda, letters, and office reports
  • Prepares requisition forms and follow-up the process of such
  • Checks and monitors the office supplies
  • Monitors efficiency of office equipment and reports about any problem related to them and to the concerned office
  • Organizes appointment schedules for the Head
  • Assists in the various programs and acitivites of the office such as student recruitment, ad and materials production and staging of events
  • Monitors the attendance, checks daily time records and supervises daily tasks assigned to all student assistants and practicumers
  • Confirms career orientation schedules
  • Encodes listing of graduates for recruitment purposes
  • Assists in the mailing of recruitment materials and gift wrapping of corporate giveaways
  • Updates and maintains information of all MCD bulletin boards
  • Assists in processing of contracts with publications and other media outfits
  • Helps in sending and confirming through various communication means attendance in events
  • Performs other functions as may be directed by the Head of the Marketing Communications Department


List of Initial Requirements:

  1. Job Applicant Consent Form
  2. Curriculum Vitae with 1x1 picture
  3. Photocopy of Transcript of Records, Diploma, and/or Certificate of Grades
  4. Application letter addressed to Mr. Roland P. Ordañez (Acting Head, Human Resource Department)
  5. Valid Licenses & Board Ratings (if applicable)
  6. Certificate/s of Employment / Certificate of Good Moral for fresh graduates


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