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The University’s special culminating activity; comprising the Baccalaureate Mass, the Sampaguita Interlude, and the Commencement exercises; is the most important celebration in the life of any Escolarian. All graduating students look forward to this three-in-one event which caps their years of studies in the University.

Baccalaureate Mass is a religious celebration that honors the graduating students. It is an act of thanksgiving for all the years spent in the University and a challenge to all the graduating students of CEU to live their faith and be committed to the Gospel values as they enter the world of work.

Sampaguita Interlude is a tradition in the Centro Escolar University which is celebrated a few days before graduation day. It started in the year 1938 and from then on, it has become a significant event, a prelude to every graduation day.

The ceremony marks the symbolic formal turnover of duties and responsibilities of the graduating seniors to the juniors who will succeed them.

The Sampaguita has been chosen as the flower emblem of the ceremony. The flower is the traditional symbol of the ideal Filipino, and consequently, the ideal Escolarians – for its qualities: modest like the spotless whiteness of its petals; loyal and sincere like the lingering sweetness of its fragrance; firm and courageous like its green stalks and sturdy sepals.

The University holds its graduation rites at the historic Manila Hotel for all its graduates coming from its three campuses: CEU Manila, CEU Malolos and CEU Makati.

The climax of the graduation ceremonies is the conferment of degrees by the President and Chief Academic Officer of University. This marks the confirmation of the completion of the students’ academic studies. 

The solemnity of the graduation rites of Centro Escolar University is capped with the graduates’ pledge of loyalty to their Alma Mater which the President of the University accepts with a challenge. The singing of CEU Hymn becomes meaningful and heartfelt for the graduates as it marks the end of the ceremonies.

The University Convocation is an annual event celebrating the founding anniversary of the University on June 3, 1907. Through the years, since its inception in 2009, this convocation that is spearheaded by the Presidential Committee on Culture and the Arts (PCCA) has impressively carved its list of speakers who are luminaries in government service, culture and the arts, and the academe.

This is a fitting tribute to deserving students who have showcased their talents, have earned achievements locally and internationally, and have brought pride to the University. This annual event held on each campus is one glorious gathering that emphasizes the enthusiasm and productivity of students in doing their best. Valuing commitment, responsibility, and leadership, this day recognizes Escolarian students as an extraordinary league of achievers.

The annual University Sportsfest is one of the campus events highly anticipated by the students. This sports competition among the different schools/colleges and departments in CEU Manila, CEU Malolos, and  CEU Makati campuses fosters camaraderie and unity among their members. It also cultivates the richness of the Filipino culture through sports. As this sportsfest hones the students' talents and skills, it also promotes the value of sportsmanship and competitiveness.

To provide an effective means of determining models of excellence and to showcase the blending of the finest traditions and the flair of modernism, the annual Search for Mr. and Ms. CEU which started in 2001 has continued to develop and strengthen qualities and traits that a model CEU student should exemplify. Preparing intelligent, talented, and gifted students to excel in national and global competitions, this Search never ceases in promoting well-roundedness among CEU students.

The Escolarian Lessons and Carols is a Christmas tradition in the University. Celebrated every 1st Monday of Advent, the Escolarian Lesson and Carols opens the celebration of Christmas in  the three campuses of the University. The CEU Singers Manila, Makati, and Malolos are the performing groups of this cherished tradition of recounting the birth of Jesus. This event is  organized by the Presidential Committee on Culture and the Arts.

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