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Student Services

The Student Services of the University employ various schemes and strategies to attain their  primary goal of providing the specific needs of the students geared toward their holistic development based on the University's philosophy, mission, and objectives.  Providing direction for self-realization and self-actualization, the Student Services serve a play integral role in the total  formation of the students.

CEU Manila Ground Floor, CAH Building

  CEU Makati, Ground Floor Legaspi Village (LV) and Gil Puyat (GP) Campuses

CEU Malolos, 1st Floor Pilar Hidalgo Lim Building

The recording of students’ accounts and the payroll preparation for faculty and non-teaching staff are the main functions of the Accounting Department/Section. Always at the forefront, the Department/Section assesses and answers queries on tuition fees of students as well as inquiries on computations of salaries of faculty and non-teaching personnel.


CEU Manila Ground Floor, LAH Building

CEU Makati Ground Floor, LV and GP Campus

CEU Malolos 1st Floor, Pilar Hidalgo Lim Building

The Cash Department/Section works hand in hand with the other Finance departments of the University in providing timely, accurate and relevant financial services to management, faculty members, non-teaching employees, students and other stakeholders of the University. Its major functions are collection and disbursement management. For its collection function, it accepts payment in a form of Cash (Peso or Dollar), Check, and Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard). It has also bills payment agreement with Security Bank Corporation and Philtrust Bank as well as with MLhuillier Phils., Inc. which allows students or their parents to pay for enrollment and tuition fee in all of its branches/locations nationwide.

For disbursement function, payment through check or petty cash is issued only to the payee or his authorized representative with proper identification documents.


CEU Manila Ground Floor, DCT Building

CEU Makati 3rd Floor, GP Campus

CEU Malolos Dentistry Hall

The Community Outreach Department/Section has been established based on the imperative commitment of the University to participate in community education and service. It is within the vision and mission of CEU that students do not only excel academically but morally and socially as well.

Holistically, it serves as the link between the University and its adopted communities by sharing their material and human resources and working towards empowerment and self-reliance of the community.

The Department/Section aims to help students become more self-actualizing and fully functioning individuals. It assists them to understand and ultimately handle their developmental, emotional, and adjustment needs.


CEU Manila Ground Floor, LAH Building

CEU Makati, 14th Floor, LV Campus 4th Floor, GP Campus

CEU Malolos 1ST Floor, Pilar Hidalgo Lim Building

Among the services that GCD offers are the following:

  • Provides counseling (Individual/Group)
  • Provides mental wellness services, encouragement and consultation to promote psychological well-being and academic success
  • Provides counseling of students with academic deficiencies
  • Provides counseling of students wanting to shift/change course
  • Provides counseling of students for exit
  • Provides counseling of students with dependencies or other forms of addiction
  • Provides counseling of students who are referred/self-referred
  • Provides test interpretation
  • Conducts group guidance/group counseling
  • Guides the students to learn health and wellness strategies, to practice social skills, and to meet with other students
  • Helps students adjust better to different life situations
  • Conducts testing (Individual/Group)
  • Assesses student’s overall intellectual and behavioral functioning primarily related to his/her potential for learning and emotional adjustment
  • Administers admission test (freshman applicants, transfer students, graduate school applicants, and foreign students)
  • Administers off-campus admission test (provincial testing centers of the university)
  • Administers individual testing (Peer Facilitator, Dentistry Proper, Doctor of Pharmacy applicants and those referred students for psychological testing)
  • Administers Group Testing (Scholastic Ability Test, Battery Test, Qualifying Examination, Pre-employment Test)

Special Program

  • Conducts Peer Facilitators Program


  • Conducts studies using the available data and other resources to improve its performance and services

The CEU Health Services Department/Section aims to provide the best medical, dental and nursing care possible in the school setting emphasizing the preventive, curative and educative approaches enhanced by an efficient referral system.

CEU Manila Ground Floor, SDV Building

CEU Makati 2nd Floor, LV Campus; Ground Floor, GP Campus

CEU Malolos 1st Floor, Pilar Hidalgo Lim Building

It is manned by competent physicians, dentists, nurses, and office clerk. The medical clinic includes an infirmary with separate areas for males and females. The Department/Section has the following basic functions:

  • health appraisal through annual physical examinations for freshmen, faculty and non-teaching staff
  • medical and dental consultations
  • emergency care
  • hospital referral system
  • immunization
  • medical assistance for approved activities
  • health screening tests
  • health promotion for the faculty and non-teaching staff
  • health information through READINESS (Relevant Education and Advisories on Diseases and Injuries for Wellness)
  • food and water safety measures and infection control
  • pre-participation in physical examination prior to sportsfest, practicum and internship
  • promotion of wellness through lifestyle modification, counseling and appropriate referrals

CEU Manila 2nd Floor, ISC Building

CEU Makati 9th Floor, LV Campus Ground Floor, GP Campus

CEU Malolos 3rd Floor, Pilar Hidalgo Lim Building

The ICT Department provides appropriate information and communication technological assistance to students, teaching and non-teaching staff to ensure quality web presence and access. Business Units are also given support that will aid their productive use of technology. 

Moreover, this section furnishes and maintains the network infrastructure, general office applications and equipment and gives support for bespoke applications. Other significant roles include user support and training, electronic information security, business continuity strategy development and implementation, provision of hardware and software, automation of core services, maintain server functions for E-mail, internet, databases, file storage and administration, data management services, technical support services and website design and development.



CEU Manila 1st Floor, Mezzanine; 2nd Floor, CDL Hall; 2nd Floor of LAH Extension; and 3rd Floor of the Dent/Sci. Building

CEU Makati 7th Floor, LV Campus; 3rd Floor, GP Campus

CEU Malolos 3rd Floor, Pilar Hidalgo Lim Building

The CEU Library is an academic center that serves as a place of discovery, exchange and advancement of ideas and responds to the information and research needs of its users. The library collection includes books, journals in print and electronic formats, and online resources/databases. The Main Library and the Campus Libraries are fully Wi-Fi-capable and equipped with internet connections along with printing facilities. 

The services offered to students include (1) research assistance, (2) reference assistance, (3) research writing assistance, (4) course reserves, (5) in campus and off campus access to online databases, and (6) alumni library services. The library website provides more information about the resources and services of the library.

Users of Library

The CEU Library is open to the following, subject to the rules and regulations:

  • All bona fide students of CEU Manila, Malolos and Makati campuses with identification card
  • Faculty members, non-teaching staff, officers and the CEU Administration
  • CEU reviewees for board examination
  • CEU alumni with CEU alumni identification card
  • Scholars doing research work in the University with a letter of request from their respective officers
  • Mendiola Consortium members with a letter of request from their Chief/Head Librarians
  • Members and students of other educational institutions with a letter of request from their respective Chief/Head Librarians and with the permission to conduct research

Persons under categories 3-7 are required to register at the Circulation Unit, Library Department, first floor, CDL Hall. Makati GP Campus, 3rd floor and LV Campus, 7th floor.

Use of the Library Resources

The CEU Identification Card (ID) serves as the library card of students, faculty and employees who are entitled to the use of its resources and facilities. They may check out books for home or room use depending on the type of resources.

Home Circulation Materials

These are books from the Circulation, Dental Library, Science, Filipiniana, Graduate School Library, and Medicine collections that can be borrowed for home use: Three (3) circulation books can be borrowed by undergraduate students and five (5) books by graduate students and faculty members. During the semester and summer term, circulation books can be borrowed for three days by the undergraduate students and one week for graduate students. Loans of any book are renewable for the same period, unless needed by other library users.

Online Resources

These online resources can be availed in campus and remote access. Print-out of searched articles can be obtained at the Cybrary. Username and password are issued upon request.

Room Use Materials

The non-circulating materials that are limited to room-use only are foreign and reference books, undergraduate researches, CD-ROMs, microfilms, theses and dissertations and any materials from the University Archives. The print materials, except those from the Archives, may be photocopied.

Reserved Books

Books requested by faculty members in the various courses may be placed on reserve. These books may be read in the Reading Room for an hour, subject to renewal, unless needed by other library users. Overnight loans are allowed at 4:30 p.m. and are to be returned not later than 8:00 a.m. the following class day.


The internet facilities at the Cybrary supplement the print and online resources of the library and are devoted to research and academic related activities only. Students are granted twenty-five hours (25) free use of the Cybrary per semester; ten (10) hours in summer.

Users are required to log in and out at the counter. Downloading of printed materials is permitted. Printing of research output must be requested from the staff on duty and any erroneous prints will be charged to the user.

Downloading of internet files is permitted. Flash drive shall first be scanned for virus infection before use. A virus infected flash drive will not be allowed to be used in any internet and online database workstations as a preventive measure. Mobile phones are required to be turned off while inside the Cybrary Unit.

Printing cost is as follows:

  • PhP5.00/page for laser printer
  • Php20.00/page for the colored copy with full graphics

Wireless Network Technology

Access service is free and is available only to any CEU library user who has laptop computer with the IEE 802.11b standard. Owners of computers that are not Wi-Fi-ready may borrow a PCMCIA wireless card from Cybrary and may use it for ten (10) hours per month within the library premises for free.

Library users are encouraged to use battery-run laptop computers due to limited electrical outlets.

Fines and Penalties

  1. Home Circulation Book - Overdue fine of Php5.00/day including Sundays and Holidays
  2. Reserved Book - PhP2.00 for first hour; PhP5.00 for succeeding hours, including Sundays and Holidays
  3. Lost Book - Replacement of same title or replacement with another title to be approved by the Head of the Library Department and PhP5.00/ day is computed from the due date until date of return but does not exceed the cost of the book.
  4. Cybrary and wireless technology - A fee of  Php  0.50  per  minute will be charged in excess of free hours use per month. Lost or damaged PCMCIA wireless card adaptor will be charged to the borrower.
  5. Overdue fines should be paid at the loan desk where the books were borrowed.
  6. Any library user who defaces, mutilates or steals any library material or property shall be required to replace the same and in appropriate cases be referred to the Student Affairs Office  for  disciplinary  action.
  7. A library user who fails or refuses to settle his/her outstanding library account will not be given clearance by the Library.
  8. The reading areas in the library are quiet-zone areas. Making noise, having loud conversation, eating and drinking within the library premises are strictly prohibited.
  9. Making calls/answering calls through mobile phones are not allowed inside the library premises; mobile phones must be put in the silent mode. Any student violating this rule shall be penalized according to the University system of discipline.
  10. Recharging of electronic gadgets (mobile phone, laptop, tablet) is not allowed.


  1. Things and belongings must not be left unattended. The library staff are not responsible for any loss or damage to any belongings that have been left unattended.
  2. For security purposes, left behind belongings are turned over to the Security Personnel on duty.

Violation or infraction of the rules and regulations of the Library shall not be excused on the plea of ignorance.


CEU Manila Ground Floor, SDV Building 

CEU Makati Ground Floor, GP Campus

CEU Malolos 1st Floor, Pilar Hidalgo Lim Building

The Marketing Communications Department/Section plans, organizes, coordinates and directs the marketing activities of the University.

MCD/MCS visits secondary schools to conduct school orientations and presents the curricular offerings, physical facilities, services, and distinct features of the University.

It produces all promotional materials and items to ensure effective information dissemination and awareness about the University. Through the College Freshman Assistance Center (CFAC), the Department/Section helps freshmen adjust to college life and to their new environment. The Department/Section also trains student guides in conducting campus tours for freshman enrollees.

The Department/Section, together with the University Student Council and Career Services and Placement Office, stages the annual Job and Career Fair to assist senior students in their job search.


CEU Manila Ground Floor, LAH Building

CEU Makati Ground Floor, LV Campus; Ground Floor, GP Campus

CEU Malolos 1st Floor, Pilar Hidalgo Lim Building

The Office of the University Registrar/ Office of the Registrar (OUR/OR)  provides efficient and quality service in terms of admitting, registering, updating, evaluating, safekeeping of student records, verifying scholarships and grants, participating in curriculum making/revision and implementing the University and CHED policies, rules and regulations.

The OUR/OR takes charge of the following:

  • Admission
  • Enrollment
  • Adding/dropping of subject(s)
  • Application for tutorial classes
  • Application for cross-enrollment
  • Scholarships and grants
  • Graduation
  • Processing of Exit Clearance
  • Processing requests for Transcript of Records (TOR), Certificate of Graduation and Dental Requirements/RLE
  • Application for Scholastic Records, Transfer Credentials and other certifications
  • Securing Certificate of Eligibility for Dentistry
  • Requesting school records (F137/TOR) of students
  • Responding to request for TOR/F137
  • Requesting for authentication of documents
  • Requesting certification, authentication and verification (CAV) for academic records at CHED
  • Correction of name, date or place of birth
  • Transfer to another school
  • Cancellation of transfer credential
  • Changes in classes
  • Class lists
  • Encoding and submission of grades
  • Completion of grades
  • Correction of grades
  • Assigning rooms to classes
  • Student records
  • Preparation and distribution of student’s final grades
  • Verification of academic records
  • Encoding of credited subject/s of transferees

CEU Manila Ground Floor, PHL Building     

CEU Makati Basement 2, LV Campus; Ground Floor, GP Campus

CEU Malolos Dentistry Hall

The PPFD/PPFS helps in planning, creating and maintaining a high-quality campus environment conducive for learning, teaching, research and achieving specific goals. The facility consists of not only the physical structure of the building, but also a variety of building systems such as mechanical, plumbing, electrical and power. The PPFD/PPFS guarantees the monitoring of these systems. As for high quality, the department aims to provide a physical environment that is comfortable, safe, secure, accessible, well-illuminated, well-ventilated, and aesthetically pleasing.

Scheduling and monitoring of the activities of the University and its organizations that will utilize the facilities of the school are included in the operations of the department. The office ensures that the activities indicate the date and time to prevent conflict of schedule and to be able to attend to the needs of the organizers.

The Department/Section strives to properly maintain the school facilities and equipment and implements proper monitoring and scheduling of the activities to achieve quality service to the CEU community.

The Security Department/Section coordinates with the Student Affairs Office and the school/colleges/departments in the enforcement of the University rules and regulations, and the implementation of the directives of the University Administration.

CEU Manila Building South Gate, Ground Floor, LAH Building

CEU Makati Ground Floor, GP Campus

CEU Malolos - Dentistry Hall

The general responsibilities of the Security Department are the following:

  • secures the most valuable assets of the University;
  • ensures the personal safety of its officers, faculty, employees and students;
  • protects the school physical assets from theft, loss or damage;
  • maintains peace and order inside the school campus and perimeters;
  • implements the rules and regulations and special orders of the University;
  • conducts fire, earthquake and bomb drills;
  • maintains and strengthens networking with the government law enforcement agencies, fire department, hospital, NGO’s and other government agencies; and
  • conducts preliminary investigations on crimes, accidents, incidents and other unlawful activities.


CEU Manila Ground Floor, FSH Building

CEU Makati Ground Floor, LV Campus; Ground Floor, GP Campus

CEU Malolos 1st Floor, Pilar Hidalgo Building

The SAO/SASS initiates and organizes student development and assistance programs and cultural activities; looks into students’ welfare and deportment; enforces rules and regulations on student behavior, discipline and attire; and coordinates/ monitors/approves co-curricular and extracurricular activities of schools/ colleges, departments, the University Student Council (USC) and recognized student organizations.

The SAO/SASS serves a complimentary function to the formal curriculum by helping students overcome their impediments to academic achievement and by enabling them to acquire and enhance leadership abilities, skills and values; increase their self-confidence; improve self-expression; build their character; and strengthen time management and human relations skills.

It supervises the advisers and officers of all student councils and organizations both recognized and on permit status. It also draws up plans, makes recommendations and undertakes projects that contribute to the attainment of the University’s vision and mission. Its mission is to empower students to actualize their full potentials, pursue excellence in all endeavors, and be imbued with the University core values. SAO/SASS commits in promoting holistic student development by 

  • cultivating vibrant leadership,
  • promoting diversity on campus,
  • fostering inclusive community,
  • pursuing dominance in sports leagues and other competitions,
  • forming global and digital citizenships,
  • providing quality Student Personnel services, and
  • sustaining Student Affairs staff development.

These goals and objectives are geared towards total development and self- realization of the students by way of providing them with relevant activities, opportunities and challenges that will make them competitive, disciplined and socially engaged students.    


CEU Manila Mail- 2nd Floor, CDL hall; Sub-centers: 2nd Floor, LAH and 2nd Floor Dent Sci Building

CEU Makati, 7th Floor, LV Campus, 3rd Floor GP Campus

CEU Malolos 1st Floor, Pilar Hidalgo Lim Building

To maintain CEU’s thrust of academic leadership, global competitiveness in a society permeated by innovations in educational media technology, TLTD/TLTS offers instructional services to carry out all curricular programs. Modern, state-of-the-art technology, media materials, and equipment are provided to all the faculty members to enhance the teaching-learning process. TLTD/TLTS also helps the faculty members in the production of audio-visual presentations and preparation of online courses.

Within the confines of the Department in Manila are the Multimedia Instruction Room (MIR) and an air-conditioned auditorium complete with a stereophonic sound system, a giant screen for viewing, and a seating capacity for 100 persons. These are venues for activities such as seminars, conferences and instructional viewing. The TLTD/TLTS Training Room located beside the MIR can accommodate ten (10) persons. This is used for faculty training and the development of instructional materials.

CEU Manila Ground Floor, LAH Building 

CEU Makati - 3rd Floor, GP Campus

CEU Malolos Dentistry Hall

This unit is committed to the task of building an inclusive faith community on campus by providing all the members of the academic community with opportunities that facilitate integral faith formation and practice of the Gospel values. Holy Mass and sacramental confession are celebrated daily. Periodic bible study and faith-sharing are also conducted. The Ministry arranges annual recollection by class for junior and senior college students. Daily class masses in Manila Campus are also celebrated for all schools including the Centro Escolar Integrated School. Vocation campaign is held annually.

In a very special way, the Ministry also initiates and organizes ecumenical services and interreligious worship to address the spiritual needs of students from other faith denominations. The Ministry likewise provides ongoing formation to Liturgical Ministers (lectors, commentators, Eucharistic Lay Ministers, altar servers) through seminars/conferences.

The University offers services and programs that contribute to total international experiences for all international students. Through the International Student Services of the Student Affair Office, the international students get the most out of services designed for them. The ISS also attends to the special needs of all international students enrolled in different schools in CEU Manila such as: 


  • Freshman orientation
  • General assembly
  • Seminar on BI (Bureau of Immigration) Matters


  • Seminar on global climate change


  • Stress management seminar
  • Educational tour
  • Quiz bee
  • Learning Assistance Program
  • Global Internship Student Exchange Program
  • Seminar-Workshop on Communication Skills Enhancement
  • Leadership Training Seminar


  • Cultural tour
  • Cultural presentation
  • Search for the CEU goodwill ambassador and ambassadress
  • International food festival
  • Send off party
  • Festivals of religions and cultures
  • Embassy of Iran cultural presentation
  • Search for three most outstanding international students in the Philippines


  • Community outreach program (December and February)


  • Participation in sacramental/religious activities
  • Participation in campus ministry in the interfaith dialogue
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