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Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Science

Program Description

Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd) Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd) is a four-year program that establishes a solid foundation in the principles and theories of the key disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Astronomy, and Physics, allowing them to become successful Science teachers. Aside from pedagogical content, students will be prepared to create appropriate learning plans and innovative learning materials for secondary students in the K–12 curriculum.It is expected that the graduates will embody the Science and Virtue of Centro Escolar University quality education providers that contribute to various forms of development in the community using their skills and abilities seasoned with the ability to care for others and the environment to uphold the greater good. The program culminates with an intensive one-year practice teaching in the laboratory school of the College and in the cooperating public and private (local and international) schools, where student teachers receive active mentoring from highly-experienced professional teachers.

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