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Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics Education

Program Description

PhD Mathematics Education Program Description

This program prepares students to become researchers, academic leaders, and innovators in the fields of Mathematics and be at the forefront in improving the educational system in the country. It empowers mathematics educators and learners in schools by building a strong interaction and linkage with practitioners and other professionals. 


PhD Math Educ Program Outcomes

    At the end of the program, students must be able to:

  1. Articulate ideas and offer strategies on unsolved yet relevant problems in Mathematics Education;
  2. Undertake original research in the field of Mathematics Education by demonstrating the highest standard of ethics in research;
  3. Generate publications in reputed mathematical journals; and
  4. Effectively communicate and disseminate important and innovative Mathematical concepts as applied in the education system through journal publications and conference presentations to the mathematics community.

Program Educational Objectives:

  1. Develop academic leaders who shall oversee the design, implementation, and improvement of Mathematics curriculum and course syllabi;
  2. Interact and work in collaboration with researchers and academicians who specialize in the field of Mathematics and Mathematics Education;
  3. Provide opportunities to research students as mentors of advanced mathematical topics to undergraduate and graduate students;
  4. Produce next generation mathematics researchers and teacher educators,
  5. Take the lead in the professional development, teacher training, educational consulting and advocacy.
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