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Master in Social Work with Specialization in Social Work Practice in Health Care

Program Description

The program prepares students in advanced social work practice in public and private health agencies.  It focuses on two primary concentrations: The first is on the managerial role in the health care agency which examines the delivery of social health services  to ensure that the goals and objectives of the services are met.   The second  is on  advanced practice in social work in health care which empowers students to engage in effective collaboration with the members of the health care team by providing them with critical and research-based information for the treatment and recovery process of patients and groups through in-depth psychosocial histories and assessments.



The program aims to produce graduates who are able to:

1. Engage in effective collaboration and communication with the members of the health care

    team as an advanced practitioner by providing them with critical, research-based 

    treatment, management and recovery process of patients and groups through in-

    depth psychosocial histories and assessments.

2. Design, implement and source out funding for health programs and services that are

     responsive to the local, national and international health commitment and direction.

3. Perform managerial and administrative roles that are vital to the day-to-day

functioning of providing care to patients and families, in addition to the provision of

    professional and practice supervision support to social work staff, other health care

    employees, and the community.

4. Ensure professional development and continuing education of social service staff to

    maintain the highest standards of service delivery that is ethical, and adherent to the

    accreditation standards of hospitals.

5. Contribute to improving patient care and health outcomes, in the context of managing

     available financial resources and sourcing out external local and international funding,

     effective case and care management and navigating complex health services in and

     outside of the health care institution, as well as proactive involvement in health team


6. Collaborate with organizations focused on disease prevention and risk reduction and

     early intervention programs with the government agencies and other nonprofit human

     service agencies.

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