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Doctor of Optometry

Program Description

The Optometry program was offered during the Academic Year 2021-2022 in CEU Malolos under the leadership of CEU Manila’s School of Optometry, the first and only optometry school in Region 3.

It aims to produce highly trained, technically skilled, and globally competitive optometrists who are fully capable of delivering the full spectrum of optometric services in primary health care. CEU is known as the Home of Board Topnotchers, the School has continuously evolved to become the premier School of Optometry in the Philippines.

Its academic program is progressive and is characterized by competitive faculty, the most modern clinical and laboratory facilities, comprehensive clinical/hospital externship program, and an intensive community outreach service. Moreover, the program includes not only academic but also co-curricular and extra-curricular activities which help develop students to become global leaders in their future profession and independent thinkers cognizant of their crucial role in primary eye care.

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