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The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) drives innovation and new approaches in teaching and learning among the CEU faculty. It delivers a wide range of solutions and offers faculty members the training and resources they need to improve their pedagogy.  It hopes to create communities of practice for faculty members to work together on redesigning courses and thinking through strategies for effective teaching and learning.


The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching is committed to fostering quality education through the conduct of excellent and innovative teaching and learning activities for the CEU faculty.


At the end of the teaching and learning activities, the participants must be able to

  1. organize, conduct and evaluate faculty development programs (Faculty Trainings) in coordination with the Deans and Heads;
  2. prepare learning resources on best classroom practices and innovations for the improvement of teaching and learning that may be shared with other faculty;
  3. disseminate best practices with regard to pedagogical activities and student learning; and
  4. assist the CEU faculty in designing, implementing and evaluating teaching resources.

ACTIVITIES for SY 2020-2021

  • Trends and Advances in College Teaching Seminars (CELT TACT Seminars)

Seminar series on advances and current trends in college-level learning and instruction. 

The activities aim to

1. update the faculty with the advances and the current trends in college teaching;
2. help develop faculty members who are committed to implementing and advancing effective teaching practices.

Once a semester

Online pop-out series to explore and share timely topics related to online learning and teaching.

SOLT Series seeks to

1. provide faculty with inspiration and information on the best-practices and essential aspects of effective online instruction;
2. help develop among faculty the adherence to effective online learning and teaching.

Schedule of Posting
Twice a month (starting September) Posting: 1st and 3rd week Monday of each month)

A blog where faculty members can share and discuss experiences, innovations, adventures, challenges, and research about teaching and learning.

It aims to liven up teaching and learning through sharing of ideas, experiences, innovations, adventures, challenges, and research.

Schedule of Posting
Quarterly(October, January, April, July)

It is a discussion on the different aspects of teaching learning, like pedagogy and assessment. The articles on online learning and teaching that will be prepared from readings and available references will serve as tools to guide the faculty to a successful online learning and teaching. The articles will be compiled as teaching learning resources of CELT. 

This program intends to help equip the faculty with the knowledge and skills needed for a successful online learning and teaching.

Schedule of Posting
Twice a semester (1st Sem: October & December, (2nd Sem: March & May)

  • CELT Teaching & Learning Symposium (CELT TLSymposium)

A forum that will provide a venue for faculty to share highlights of teaching learning-related innovations and productivity.

It seeks to

1. share teaching practices that advance student learning;

2. promote innovation and collaboration among the faculty.


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