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The University Publication is under the Research and Evaluation Office. It is in charge of Ciencia Y Virtud, the official publication of Centro Escolar University and of yearbook of the CEU Manila.

Ciencia Y Virtud is the official publication of Centro Escolar University. It is published three times in a school year.  The First Issue covers the events and activities that happened during the first semester of the school year. Hence, it is published during the second semester of the school year. The Second Issue covers the events and activities that happened during the second semester and summer of the school year. Thus, it is published in the first semester of the next school year. The Graduation Supplement covers the entire school year highlighting the achievements of the undergraduate students, the graduating batch, and the latest board/licensure examination results.

Writing requires you to be open, brave, and bold. We believe you have many stories to share. Let your words, full of vivid pictures and deep thoughts, shine brightly in Ciencia Y Virtud. Share your various written works with us! May that be a personal essay, a news article, your creative course outputs, activities of your department/school, original digital and traditional arts, caricatures, etc. Feel free to email us at university[email protected] Follow the email guidelines below: 

 1. Limit your word count to 600 words.
 2. Send your article as an attachment, make sure that it is in word format.
 3. Include your full name in your file softcopy.
 4. Send the supplementary images in jpeg. format.




YEARBOOK 2022-2023 REQUIREMENTS for Graduating Students of  

First Semester 2022-2023(August2022-January2023)

Second Semester 2022-2023 (February 2023-June 2023)

Summer 2022-2023 (June 2023-July 2023)



  1. HAVE YOUR PICTURE TAKEN at PHILDIZ located along Mendiola.

          1.1. Fill out the Registration Form through this linkChoose date and time.

          1.2. Make sure you fill out the sheet accordingly. Your personal email addresses and cellphone numbers are important to confirm your attendance.

          1.3.Choose one of the four shots for the Year book graduation picture.

          1.4.Bring a flash drive or any external drive to save as oft copy of your graduation picture.

       NOTE: Only PHILDIZ is authorized for yearbook photo requirements.


IF YOU CANNOT TRAVEL,you may email PHILDIZ at [email protected]

/[email protected] for assistance.

For packages inquiries,you may email PHILDIZorcall Ms.Dulce Depano at 0968-863-1501.



Fill out Personal Information and Activities in Google Form

     1.Log-in using your personal Gmail account (NOT YOUR CEU GMAIL ACCOUNT)

     2.Access the Google Personal Information link:







     3. Fill out all the information.

REMEMBER: Double-check the information you will provide before you 
click Submit.You are allowed to fill out the form once only.


Your complete address(with house number) and cell phone number 
are important information for the delivery of your yearbook.



[email protected]

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