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CEU Visits Universities in USA for Career Services Benchmarking

Centro Escolar University academic and non-teaching officers visited the University of Wisconsin (UW) in Madison and University of Southern California (USC) to benchmark on their career services centers.

The University was represented by CEU Assistant Vice President for Business Affairs, Mr. Jericho P. Orlina, Marketing Communications Department Head, Dr. Ma. Eleanor C. Espinas, School of Accountancy and Management Dean, Dr. Rosemarie I. So and Tourism Program Head, Ms. Janelle M. Villamor. 

The CEU team first visited the University of Wisconsin which is a public research University offering Science, Business, Communication, Education, Technology and Agriculture programs and is the flagship campus of the University of Wisconsin System. They were warmly welcomed by the UW Career Exploration Center Director, Mr. Jonathon Ferguson, together with Ms. Andrea Lowe, Career Advising and Communities Success Works at the College of Letters and Science, Ms. Michelle Kern Hall, International Internship Program International Division Director, and Dr. Virginia Martin, International Division Project Coordinator warmly welcomed them. 

The University also has available credit courses on Career Preparation and Development. They also conduct career advising, events and group workshops with students, alumni and employers on a daily basis and on-demand.

Their next destination was the University of Southern California. As a non-profit and the oldest research University, USC offers Business, Communication, Political Science and Government, Technology and Science (Dental Hygiene) programs. Ms. Denise Johnson, USC Career Services Manager shared about how they maintain a website which students and employers can visit to provide them assistance on internship preparation, job research, career advices.  They also have complete facilities for individual counseling, group workshops and student and employer meet-ups. 

Both universities gave the team a view of their Career Service Center structures and operations where they maintain a central Career Services Center. This system allows Colleges/Programs carry out independently or in coordination with their main Career Services Center activities to enhance preparations for particular jobs and workplaces. 

Through this kind of benchmarking efforts, CEU was able to explore and assess international academic institutions’ career center structures and functions to improve and strengthen its own existing career and placement structure and services.

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