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CEU-PACE to Conduct Training on Book Writing and Production

Centro Escolar University Professional and Continuing Education (CEU-PACE) will conduct training on Book Writing and Production on June 7-8, 2018 at the LAH Seminar Room 2 at CEU Manila.

The training aims to provide an avenue for the participants to learn how to write instructional materials, specifically, modules, manuals or books to be used in the teaching-learning process and to motivate them to enhance their writing and research skills.

The first session will be about Educational Materials to Write, Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Books, Individual or Series Project, Premium and Regular Incentives, Characteristic of a Good Manuscript, Parts of a Book, Scope and Sequence Chart, Book Development and Production, Book Acceptance, Adoption and Promotion, Book Revision, Qualification and Roles of Authors, Roles of Coordinators, Roles of Consultants, and Basic Editorial Requirements. The last session will focus on Author’s Writeshop.

The topics will be discussed by Dr. Milagros L. Borabo, Program Director of CEU-PACE and Executive Director of the Philippine Association for Teachers and Educators (PAFTE).

Basic Education and Tertiary Faculty Members and all those who are interested to publish books are encouraged to participate.

For inquiries you may call the CELP-PACE office at (02) 735-6860 to 71 loc. 337 or contact them through [email protected] or [email protected]

(02) 8735-6861 to 71 or (02) 8735-6860; (02) 8736-7175
(02) 8735-6861 to 71 or (02) 8735-6860; (02) 8736-7175
(02) 8735-6861 to 71 or (02) 8735-6860; (02) 8736-7175
(044) 791-6359; 791-9233 or (044) 791-5100; 760-3203
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