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CEU-PACE to Conduct 8th MedTech Intensive Refresher Course

Centro Escolar University-Professional and Continuing Education (CEU-PACE) will conduct the 8th Medical Technology Intensive Refresher Course during Saturdays and Sundays from November 11, 2017 to April 7, 2018.

The five-month Refresher Course aims to update the participants their knowledge on the trends and development in the board subjects, to give them mastery of the concepts in the different board subjects, develop their self-confidence in taking the board examination and worthwhile habits to pass the board examination and to discriminate between closely related choices in the stimulated board examination.

The training will cover subjects in Goal Setting (2 hours), Human Anatomy and Physiology (8 hours), Microbiology 1 & 2 (28 hours), Parasitology (15 hours), Hematology 1 & 2 (28 hours), General Pathology, Histotechniques and Cytology (14 hours), Medical Technology Laws and Ethics with Lab Management (8 hours), Clinical Chemistry 1, 2, 3 with Pharmacology (28 hours), Serology and Immunology (15 hours), Blood Banking and Immunohematology (15 hours), Clinical Microscopy (15 hours) and Final Coaching (8 hours). 

Graduates of CEU and other Schools of Medical Technology who desire to pass the board examination and feel the need for thorough preparation, are encouraged to join the intensive refresher course. Likewise, the Medical Technology graduates but working in other fields not related to their degree are encouraged to attend it. 

Participants will be provided of review notes and test questions for advance reading for their utmost recall and understanding of the discussions/lecture during the review proper.

For more information, please contact the CEU-PACE at (02) 735-6861 to 71 loc.337 / (02) 735-7072 or send inquiries through [email protected] / [email protected] loc.337. Interested parties may also contact the Office of the Dean of the School of Medical Technology at (02) 735-6861 to 71 loc. 217 or visit

(02) 8735-6861 to 71 or (02) 8735-6860; (02) 8736-7175
(02) 8735-6861 to 71 or (02) 8735-6860; (02) 8736-7175
(02) 8735-6861 to 71 or (02) 8735-6860; (02) 8736-7175
(044) 791-6359; 791-9233 or (044) 791-5100; 760-3203
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