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CEU Conservatory of Music Professor Talks on Philippine Musical Theater in NAMCYA webinar

Centro Escolar University Conservatory of Music professor Mr. Joed Balsamo delivered a very enriching virtual talk titled “Curtain Call: Philippine Musical Theater” hosted by the National Music Competitions for Young Artists’ (NAMCYA) via Facebook live on its official account.

Mr. Balsamo traced back the origin of the musical theater while also capturing its prime movers from its humble beginnings to how it arrived on the Philippine stage.

To give the virtual audience a view of how the musical theater productions were staged, he presented samples of various international and local performances. He even introduced each production by singing and playing the piano which made his discussion not just informative but enjoyable.

“There is still more aside from those that I have mentioned. Indeed, it is exciting to learn these things and hopefully we can apply them as musical theater artists in whatever capacity we have”, said Mr. Balsamo.

After his talk, Mr. Balsamo answered questions from the panelists in an open forum.

Aside from currently being a full-time faculty member of the CEU Conservatory of Music under the School of Education, Liberal Arts, Music and Social Work, he is a composer, musical director, pianist and is also an active member of various organizations such as the Piano Teachers Guild of the Philippines Foundation, Inc., Asian Composer League Philippines, and Philippine Chorale Association among others.

Moreover, he has collaborated with some of the most respected artists and institutions through piano performances and music creation.

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