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CEU Initiates Collection of COVID-19 Pandemic Stories Called “CEU Pandemic Chronicle”

Centro Escolar University President and Chief Academic Officer Ma. Cristina D. Padolina initiated a project called “CEU Pandemic Chronicle” to collate moving and inspiring stories of the members of the CEU community on their VOVID-19 pandemic journey.

“In these unprecedented times of pandemic, we all have stirring stories, full of resilience, redemption, and thanksgiving.  Let us share and compile all of these to show how we have contained and conquered the COVID-19 crisis and turn them into historic memoirs”, Dr. Padolina stated in her email to the community. 

All the members of the Escolarian community are encouraged to share their personal reflections, gratitude journals, experiences, thoughts or coping strategies during this challenging time which could be expressed in varied formats such as “vlog, blog, poem, song, tiktok, photo journal, poster, spoken word poetry, essay, and the like in English or in Filipino.”

According to President Padolina, this collection aims to capture authentic scenarios that involves CEU students, faculty, staff, academic leaders, and alumni that could result in future publications and documentaries. This is also an attempt “to collectively record personal experiences and reflection so that we can better understand our present situation and prepare us for a bright and auspicious future”.

The materials can be uploaded through

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