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CEU Celebrates 114th Founding Anniversary with Music and Thanksgiving

There is no better way to celebrate another blessed year for Centro Escolar University’s 114th Founding Anniversary but through a day of thanksgiving and appreciation of good music with virtual livestream on the CEU Official Facebook, Youtube, and Workplace.

Every year, the University starts its celebration by holding a Thanksgiving Mass at the Immaculate Conception Chapel in CEU Manila followed by the Reconsecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This year, the tradition remained with only the members of the Administrative Council, School Deans and few personnel present due to the restrictions on mass gatherings.

Reverend Fr. Jason Laguerta emphasized in his message that the love of God and love of neighbor must be the organizing principle of everyone in the middle of this chaotic world. He added that this pandemic is not a punishment but a way of reminding the people to go back to Jesus and rely on Him for He is the true source of peace, strength and healing.

The celebration continued with the virtual choral festival titled “Why We Sing! The 5th Escolarian Choral Festival” which featured the CEU Singers Manila, Makati, and Malolos and Kantabella as guest choir. Recorded videos of their past choral competition performances as well as excellent virtual pieces were offered to the Escolarians.

“We dedicate this concert to our founders, Maestra Librada Avelino and Maestra Carmen De Luna who had a dream that the youth would contribute to the growth and development of their nation, through an education inspired by the University’s philosophy, Ciencia Y Virtud. Wise and learned ladies that they were, they knew that education should go beyond what takes place in classrooms and libraries. From the start of its founding, the University has given importance to education in culture and the arts”, said Dr. Ma. Cristina D.Padolina, CEU President and Chief Academic Officer in her message.

With the collaboration of the three resident choirs of the University led by Prof. Angelito Ayran, Jr., Prof. Lester Delgado, and Prof. German Ongoco De Guzman, the Artistic Directors of CEU Singers Manila, Makati, and Malolos respectively, the CEU community were united and connected as one by listening to the beautiful songs rendered. 

As what the President Padolina also shared, “Music should really be part of the experience of the student, all of us for that matter, because of the way music stimulates our body and soul”.

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