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CEU Psychology Faculty Members and Alumna’s Research to be Published in International Publication

Through Centro Escolar University’s partnership with the University of Wisconsin, the study on Validating the Enright Forgiveness Inventory with CEU faculty members and alumna as members of the research team will be published in a prestigious publication.

Among the said researchers are CEU Psychology faculty members, Dr. Jocelyn Viray and Ms. Edna Costuna, and Psychology alumna, Ms.  Jacqueline Song who is currently connected with the International Forgiveness Institute Madison in Wisconsin, USA. 

The current citation reference is Enright, R., Rique, J., Lustosa, R., Song, J. Y., Komoski, M. C., Batool, I., Bolt, D. Sung, H. J., Huang, S. T., Park, H., Leer-Salvesen, P. E., Andrade, T., Naeem, A., Viray, J., Costuna, E. (in press). Validating the Enright Forgiveness Inventory – 30 (EFI-30): International Studies. European Journal of Psychological Assessment. 

Through this publication, the short version of the Enright Forgiveness Inventory, which is the gold standard for studying forgiveness will be made available to as many researchers and practitioners as possible.  In addition, another research of the group is currently underway. 

“The CEU School of Science and Technology continues to sustain a fruitful and functional linkage with international research and academic collaborators,  with our alumni helping us achieve a  worthy undertaking like this one,” said Dr. Julieta Dungca, Dean, CEU School of Science and Technology.

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