Senior High School Teachers



  • General Chemistry 
  • General Biology 
  • Empowerment Technology (Computer Science) 
  • Introduction to Philosophy 
  • Contemporary Philippine Arts from the Region
  • Personal Development
  • Understanding Society, Culture, and Politics
  • Oral Communication
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Physical Education and Health


  • General Biology
  • General Chemistry
  • Earth and Life Sciences
  • Physical Education and Health
  • Understanding Society, Culture, and Politics
  • Filipino
  • English

Under the direct supervision of the Assistant Principal, effectively and efficiently equips the students with all the necessary knowledge and skills, leads the students in their various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, while being able to strictly implement the different college policies and programs as a means of reflecting as well the university policies and guiding philosophy.


  • Imparts effectively and efficiently a set of knowledge and skills to students, according to his/her field of specialization and the subject he/she is tasked to teach
  • Sees to the effective implementation of the college and university policies and programs in his dealings with the students and in the performance of his/her specific duties to them
  • Plays the role of an adviser and chairman/organizer in the various college and university activities as assigned by the Assistant Principal
  • Records, computes, and encodes the grades of the students as accurately as possible
  • Attends faculty meetings called for by the Assistant Principal


  • Must have completed and earned a Master's Degree in Education or relevant to Education or as may be required in his specific field of specialization
  • OR A holder of a Bachelor's Degree leading to a mastery of the subject in which he/she has expressed the intention to teach or that which he/she is going to be tasked to teach
  • Preferably a Licensed Professional Teacher


  • Communication, Interpersonal relations, Service Orientation, Organization, Subject-Matter Mastery, Facilitation, Presentation, Classroom Management, Learning Transfer and Intervention, Creativity, Research-oriented, Result-oriented, Integrity, Adaptability, High Moral Standards


  • Excellent Oral and Written English Communication skills
  • Selection of appropriate Instructional Media
  • Application of a variety of learning interventions
  • Proficiency in the use of MS Office Applications and online learning platforms


  • Pre-Employment Examination is always available during the ff. days:
    • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
    • Starting at 8:00 AM 
  • For walk-in applicants, please proceed to the Human Resource Department 
    (Ground Floor, PHL Building, CEU Manila) and look for Mr. Jigs or Mr. Jomnel
  • Email us your Resume/CV at
  • Call us at 735-94-03 or 735-68-61 (Local 244)

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