Quality Management System


Centro Escolar University is committed to provide quality education effectively and efficiently through a continuously improved organizational system consisting of individuals imbued with professionalism and strong sense of caring, service and cooperation.

Quality Objectives

1. Practice and promote good stewardship of the environment;
2. Develop and  inspire/motivate/nurture qualified and competent human resources;
3. Attain organizational unity and effectiveness;
4. Ensure functional and efficient systems;
5. Disseminate accurate information efficiently to the different functions;
6. Identify and respond to the needs of the University comunity;
7. Provide adequate resources and facilities;and
8. Improve quality services continuously through a responsive feedback mechanism.

The CEU Quality Management System

The CEU Quality Management System is ISO certified since 2001.Currently the certification is under the
ISO 9001: 2008 standard. The QMS covers the University’s academic and support operations in its three
locations: Manila, Makati and Malolos.

The QMS ensures that the academic and support processes of the University serve the best interests of
its clientele and are responsive to the requirements of its various stakeholders.
To be able to sustain this, the QMS is supported by continuous improvement mechanisms. The customer
feedback and the CEU Scheme to Award Relevant Suggestions are only two of several such mechanisms.
The other continuous improvement tools are 7S ( Sort, Sweep, Systematize, Standardize, Sustain Self
Discipline, Safety and Security ); Internal Quality Audit, Quality Circle, Student- Personnel Services
Survey, Performance Evaluation and the Management Review )

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