Quality Management System

CEU maintains and implements an ISO certified QMS under the 9001:2015 standard. The management system covers both academic and support services in the three campuses: Manila, Makati and Malolos .

Quality Objectives

1. Enrich and revitalize academic programs to include advances in various disciplines and global dimensions;
2. Design and implement new academic programs;
3. Obtain excellent board performance which is above the national passing percentage;
4. Widen linkages with industry, alumni, GOs, NGOs and other HEIs;
5. Integrate and implement the use of ICT for effective teaching and learning;
6. Ensure students possessed knowledge, skills and University’s Core Values and CEEGA;
7. Measure manifestation of CEEGA and Core Values;
8. Align co-curricular and extra-curricular activities with CEEGA and CORE Values;
9. Enhance Student Services from enrollment to employment;
10. Effective marketing plan;
11. Increase number of quality freshman recruits;
12. Identify and develop a pool of leaders;
13. Improve ethical decision making among managers;
14. Improve talent acquisition system;
15. Improve and implement a holistic faculty and staff development program;
16. Lead in professional organization;
17. Design and implement an effective performance evaluation system;
18. Develop and implement a competitive compensation scheme;
19. Increase productivity in research and creative work;
20. Utilize/Commercialize research/ Creative work;
21. Obtain and Sustain Local and International accreditation and/ or recognition;
22. Sustain ISO Certification;
23. Improve critical processes;
24. Improve Customer Satisfaction;
25. Improve collection of and action on Customer Feedback;
26. Increased utilization of correct data for decision making in all work areas;
27. Institutionalize compliance processes;
28. Develop and implement a physical plant and facilities upgrading plan;
29. Develop and implement appropriate and relevant ICT plan;
30. Implement Responsive University Social Responsibility Programss;
31. Intensify involvement in university social responsibility programs In:
     • Education and values formation
     • Health and wellness
     • Livelihood and Entrepreneurship
     • Environmental care and protection
32. Increase collaboration with local and international partners;
33. Increase enrolment;
34. Improve student retention;
35. Increase income of existing revenue generating programs and activities;
36. Implement cost saving measures;
37. Obtain favorable business terms with accredited suppliers and service providers;
38. Implement approved budget;
39. Implement CPD Trainings /Specialized/ Short-term courses;
40. Expand revenue-generating activities;



The CEU Quality Management System

The CEU Quality Management System is ISO certified since 2001.Currently the certification is under the
ISO 9001: 2015 standard. The QMS covers the University’s academic and support operations in its three
locations: Manila, Makati and Malolos.

The QMS ensures that the academic and support processes of the University serve the best interests of
its clientele and are responsive to the requirements of its various stakeholders.
To be able to sustain this, the QMS is supported by continuous improvement mechanisms. The customer
feedback and the CEU Scheme to Award Relevant Suggestions are only two of several such mechanisms.
The other continuous improvement tools are 7S ( Sort, Sweep, Systematize, Standardize, Sustain Self
Discipline, Safety and Security ); Internal Quality Audit, Quality Circle, Student- Personnel Services
Survey, Performance Evaluation and the Management Review )

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