The CEU Professional and Continuing Education (CEU-PACE) is a center that  addresses life-long learning needs of individuals or organizations through the design and delivery of continuing professional education and training programs for individuals, organizations and communities.

CEU-PACE fosters organizational effectiveness, personal growth, workforce and other concerns relevant to education and educational management and administration through the extension of traditional university programs with continuous learning solutions so that the programs are responsive, innovative, relevant and results focused.


Guided and inspired by the University’s maxim “CIENCIA Y VIRTUD” the Center for Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) is committed to promote life-long continuing professional education and training programs for individuals organizations and communities.



CEU-PACE aspires to be the preferred center in professional, non-professional and continuing education in the Philippines and in Asia.


Core Uniqueness and Trademark


             Each course/training/activity aims to develop highly competent/skilled individuals in their areas of expertise.

Active Learning

            The participants/clientele are motivated to engage in highly interactive and engaging activities.

Customer Focus

            The clientele is the heart of all the learning activities where the main goal is to provide excellent and quality service to each participant.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

            The courses/activities produce tangible results to enhance the performance of tasks in real-life situations.

Highly Interactive and Innovative Teaching and Learning Process

            Activities and discussions are highly engaging where the participant becomes the constructor of knowledge.

Creative and Informative Instructional Materials and Learning Modules

            Each session is based on well-researched content and uses high impact materials and easy to read learning modules.

Strong Linkages with Experts in the Academe and Well-known Industry Professional

            The competencies are certified by CEU-PACE and acknowledged by the industry partners and well-known institutions.

Caring and Nurturing Learning Environment

            The hallmark of CEU education is its caring and genuine concern for the learner.

Adherence to Ciencia Y Virtud

            CEU adheres to its twin motto of developing individuals of character (Virtud) and competence

PACE Offerings

Review Classes

        Review classes may be customized based on the needs of the institution or organization.  PACE provides intensive review classes in the following areas:

  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical Technology


            Designs seminar-workshops in various areas to help professionals upgrade their competencies.

Customized Programs

            Structures training programs which can be customized based on specific needs.

Continuing Adult Education

            Assists non-professionals in enhancing their professional and personal competencies.

Teaching Excellence Seminars

            Conducts customized teaching excellence seminars in the various learning areas in Basic Education and in core curriculum and professional subjects in the tertiary level.

Enhancement Programs

            Gives enhancement programs to respond to specific need to meet licensure requirements

Shot-Term Courses

            Provides training for professionals that can lead to credit units in the Graduate Programs and Certificate Programs for non-professionals.


Dr. Milagros L. Borabo

Program Director, PACE
[email protected]

Ground Flr., LAH Bldg. PACE Dept. Centro Escolar University,
9 Mendiola St., San Miguel, Manila