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Mission and Vision



                      Ciencia y Virtud

                      Science and Virtue


CEU is the University of first choice – the leading higher education institution fostering excellence in the pursuit of knowledge while engendering personal integrity and social responsibility.


CEU is committed to:

  •  Provide a rich and stimulating academic environment in order to promote creative and scholarly academic pursuits among its faculty and to equip students with the knowledge, skills, sound moral values, and an appreciation of arts and culture that would prepare them to become productive and innovative professionals with a commitment to nation building in the context of one world;
  •  Enhance the development of higher education in the Philippines through its exemplar academic programs and practices, leadership in professional organizations, and participation in academic consortia;
  •  Contribute to the promotion of human health and well-being through high-quality programs in health professional education, research, and community service.


Core Values

The core values that serve as guiding principles of the University are:

V - aluing others, caring for them and empowering them

A - ccountability, integrity, and trustworthiness

L - ifelong learning as individuals and as an organization

U - nity, teamwork, and loyalty

E - xcellence in all endeavors

S - ocial responsibility as citizens of the Filipino nation and of the world


Quality Policy

Centro Escolar University is committed to provide quality education effectively and efficiently through a continuously improved organizational system
consisting of individuals imbued with professionalism and strong sense of caring, service, and cooperation.


Quality Objectives

1. Practice and promote good stewardship of the environment;

2. Develop and inspire/motivate/nurture qualified and competent human resources;

3. Attain organizational unity and effectiveness;

4. Ensure functional and efficient systems;

5. Disseminate accurate information efficiently to the different functions;

6. Identify and respond to the needs of the University community;

7. Provide adequate resources and facilities; and

8. Improve quality services continuously through a responsive feedback mechanism.


As reviewed and approved by the Management Council

during the Management Review and Strategic Planning on April 27 - 29, 2015.




    Life Long Learner

    • Learns and works independently as well as collaboratively

    • Translates knowledge generated from research and other sources to improve quality of life

    • Creates new ideas to better understand society

    • Evaluates own thinking, behavior and spirituality for self-growth

    Reflective and Creative Thinker

    • Thinks critically and creatively

    • Open-minded

    • Solves problems systematically

    • Loves and shows artistic sensibility

    Caring and Trustworthy

    • Values people and acts in unity with others

    • Commits to social justice and principles of sustainability and respect for diversity

    • Practices good stewardship and accountability

    • Manifests social responsibility by helping improve conditions of those who have less in life or circumstance

    Proficient Communicator

    • Articulates ideas clearly for varied purposes and audiences or diverse culture

    • Listens attentively, engages in meaningful exchange and shares knowledge, values, attitudes and intentions

    • Utilizes effectively appropriate media and information technologies

    Competent and Productive Professional

    • Initiates and innovates better ways of doing things

    • Promotes quality and productivity


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