Program Offerings

(Grades 11 & 12)



School of Accountancy and Management

BS Accountancy

BS Business Administration

            -Marketing Management

BS Management Accounting

School of Dentistry

Doctor of Dental Medicine

School of Education, Liberal Arts, Music and Social Work

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education
B Special Needs Education
B Special Needs Education Specialization in Early Childhood Education

B Secondary Education

            -English Language

B Library and Information Science

Associate in Library and Information Science

BA Communication and Media
BA Communication and Media (with 21 units of Education)
BA in Political Science - A
BA in Political Science - B

B Music in Composition

             -Specialization in Music Production and Engineering


B Music in Music Education

            -Choral Conducting
            -Musical Theater

B Music in Music Performance

            -Choral Conducting
            -Musical Theater

BS in Social Work Specialization in Community Health Care - A

BS in Social Work Specialization in Community Health Care (with 21 units of educ.) - B

School of Medical Technology

BS Medical Technology

School of Medicine

Doctor of Medicine

School of Nursing

BS Nursing

School of Nutrition and Hospitality Management

BS International Hospitality Management

            -Cruise and Integrated Resort Operations
            -Hotel, Restaurant and Culinary Operation

BS International Tourism and Travel Management
BS Nutrition and Dietetics

School of Optometry

Doctor of Optometry

School of Pharmacy

BS Pharmacy

School of Science and Technology

BS Biology


BS Cosmetic Science
BS Computer Engineering
BS Computer Science
BS Information Technology
BS Psychology


Post Doctoral Program in Quality Management
Graduate Diploma in Data Analytics
Graduate Diploma in Gerontological Nursing
Graduate Certificate in Teacher Education
Post-Graduate Course in Ocular Pharmacology
Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

               -Total Quality Management

Master in Information Technology
Master in Library and Information Science
Master in Public Administration

Master of Arts

            -Applied Linguistics
            -Education (Childhood Education)
            -Education (Special Education)
            -Education Management
            -Music Education
            -Nursing (Leadership and Governance)
            -Southeast Asian Studies

Master of Science

            -Cosmetic Science
            -Guidance and Counseling
            -Health Science Education        
                     -Dental Education
                     -Medical Technology Education
                     -Optometry Education
            -Hospitality Management
            -Hotel and Restaurant Management
                    -Leisure Management
                    -Tourism Management

            -Mathematics Education
            -Medical Technology

                     -Gerontological Nursing
                     -Maternal and Child Nursing
                     -Medical and Surgical Nursing

            -Nutrition and Dietetics
            -Science Education
            -Social Work            

Master's (Non-thesis)

            -Business Administration
            -Business Administration (Financial Analysis)
            -Social Work (Social Work Practice in Health Care)

Doctor of Philosophy

            -Business Management
            -Curriculum & Supervision
            -Educational Management
            -Guidance and Counseling
            -Health Science (Optometry)
            -Higher Education Management
            -Mathematics Education
            -Psychology with specialization in Industrial/Organization Psychology

            -Science  Education
            -Southeast Asian Studies

Doctor of Education

            -Curriculum & Supervision
            -Educational Management
            -Science Education

Doctor of Public Administration

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