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CEU-SNHM Pays Tribute to Filipina Food Innovator Maria Orosa

The legacy of Maria Orosa lives on as Centro Escolar University School of Nutrition and Hospitality Management (CEU-SNHM) paid tribute to her food innovations and developments through a program held on November 26, 2019 at the Student Activity Center in CEU Manila.

Together with the Escolarian community, the iconic lady’s descendants and friends were present in the event to witness the celebration and also to commemorate her 126th birth anniversary. 

Ms. Milette Orosa, Maria Orosa’s niece thanked the University on behalf of her family, for celebrating the life and work of her aunt up to this day. According to her, CEU is the only institute of learning in the Philippines that can claim that Maria Orosa was once a member of its faculty. It was in 1922 when she taught home economics in the University. Next semester, her life and works will be part of the syllabus of the CEU-SNHM.

“To the students of CEU, it is our hope that Maria Y. Orosa serves as an inspiration, so that in meeting the challenges in your lives, you will make decisions that will benefit not only yourselves, your family and your school, but most especially our country”, Ms. Orosa said in her message.

City of Manila Vice Mayor Hon. Dr. Maria Sheilah Lacuna-Pangan also graced the occasion. She expressed her admiration for Maria Orosa’s heroic act during World War II where she developed Soyalac (from soybeans) and Darak ( from rice bran) to save the lives of many guerillas, soldiers, and civilians from starvation. For her, Maria Orosa truly showcased the brilliance, prowess, and compassionate heart of a Filipina.

A short film on the life and contribution of Maria Orosa was also presented, and it was followed by the opening of her exhibit. 

The event’s main activity for the day was the cooking demonstration led by one of CEU-SNHM’s faculty, Mrs. Ma. Lindsay Alvarez who cooked Improved Bukayo and Buko Mock Valenciana, two of Maria Orosa’s recipes.

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