Department Head for Planning and Monitoring

Responsible for the efficient operations of his/her assigned support services department. 
Aside from the day-to-day operations, it is the department head's responsibility to ensure the personal and 
professional development of the employees assigned in his/her department.


  • Recommends policies and procedures relevant to the efficient operations of the department, 
    as well as for its improvement
  • Communicates updates in the department's policies and procedures to the employees, through the 
    University officials concerned
  • Organizes the department for effective achievement of operational goals
  • Ensures that the department is able to respond to the needs and concerns of the different schools/
    colleges/departments and the response is timely
  • Identifies the professional and personal development needs of the employees assigned to him/her
    and recommends training/programs to address the competency gaps


  • Holder of a Doctorate Degree in area of Specialization (as needed)
  • With extensive experience in team management


  • Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Communication, Interpersonal
    Relations, Problem Solving, Integrity, Planning, Leading, Organizing, Controlling,
    Linkages, Integrity, Data Analysis, and Reporting



  • Vacancy available in Manila Campus only
  • Type of contract: Permanent Status
  • Pre-Employment Examination is always available during the ff. days:
    • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
    • Starting at 8:00 AM (up until 11:00 AM)
  • For walk-in applicants, please proceed to the Human Resource Department 
    (Ground Floor, PHL Building, CEU Manila) and look for Mr. Jigs or Mr. Jomnel
  • Email us your Resume/CV at
  • Call us at 735-94-03 or 735-68-61 (Local 244)

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