CEU Community Outreach Department

The CEU-Community Outreach Department was established based on the imperative of the University to actively participate in COMMUNITY EDUCATION and SERVICE in order to:

  • provide opportunities to develop and deepen the sense of community awareness on the different concerns, needs and issues that affect the lives of people and which prevent them from maximizing their full potentials to become productive citizens, and
  • conduct relevant activities which are aimed at developing community self-reliance


A highly organized Community Outreach Department (COD) rendering  EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT and HUMANE SERVICE to CEU schools/colleges and organizations.



The Community Outreach Department (COD) has been established based on the imperative of the school to actively participate in community education and service.

Considering CEU's important role in people empowerment and social development, COD, imbued with the values of love, care, and concern for people, commits itself to:

1.    maximize existing manpower and material resources of CEU in order to serve impoverished families, groups and communities;
2.    develop a more facilitative network of cooperation and coordination between and among schools/colleges and organizations within the university;
3.    promote the highest level and degree of volunteerism among students, faculty and non-teaching personnel;
4.    contribute to the inculcation of values of social responsibility and promotion of a dignified life for all, within and outside the university.

Community Outreach Movement Pro-Active Student Service (COMPASS)
This university-wide organization was established on June 26, 1998.  It aims to promote and strengthen student involvement through voluntary participation in the University Community Outreach Program.  It also seeks to coordinate with various community outreach organizations of the different schools, GOs and NGOs in pursuit of exchanging experiences, ideas & furtherance of knowledge in terms of community understanding & genuine community involvement.


Teachers' Empowering Approach as Community Helpmates (TEACH)
This organization seeks to promote and strengthen faculty involvement through worthwhile activities that would promote participation in the University's Community Outreach Program.  It aims to train faculty leaders who would volunteer to assist in the implementation of the Community Outreach Program.


Support Personnel Outreach Team (SUPPORT)
It aims to encourage the voluntary involvement of non-teaching personnel in community building efforts within and outside the university.


Collaboration of Helpful Alumni who are Involved Now (CHAIN)
It aims to encourage the voluntary involvement of CEU Alumni in community outreach programs within and outside the university.

  • Livelihood Program
  • Health and Nutrition Program
  • Socio-Cultural Program
  • Spiritual and Value Formation Program
  • Non-Formal Education Program
  • Care for the Environment Program
  • Exposure Program in Calamity-Striken Communities

The Manila Boy's Town Complex is located at Parang, Marikina City.  This is a 23-hectare agricultural land which has been established for the underprivileged, abandoned, forgotten, and voluntarily surrendered children, adolescents, and senior citizens of Manila.

It houses four agencies/institutions:

  1. BOY'S HOME: a home for boys, 8-17 years old who are abandoned, physically abused, solvent users, and are categorized as street children of Manila.
  2. GIRLS HOME: a home for girls, 3-16 years old who are abandoned, orphaned, physically and sexually abused, solvent users, and are categorized as street children of Manila.
  3. LUWALHATI NG MAYNILA: a home for neglected, abandoned, and homeless elderly, 60 and above who are found in the streets of Manila.
  4. MAHAY FOUNDLING HOME: a home for young boys, 3-7 years old with the same personal circumstances of BOY'S HOME.

Existing Agency Resources

The agency is run by 38 employees under the leadership of Mayor Joseph Estrada.  He appointed Mrs. Jean Ramos, a registered social worker from the Manila Department of Social Welfare, to take care of the daily operations of the agency.

Within the complex lies the Valeriano Furguso Memorial Elementary School, an elementary school which serves the educational needs of the beneficiaries inside the complex and those who reside in the neighboring barangays.  More than 200 elementary pupils are studying in this school.  High school education is also enjoined by the MBTC beneficiaries through the Valeriano Fuguso Memorial High School.

Other resources that can be found in the agency include the chapel, a medium-sized swimming pool, a basketball court, a fishpond, and a small "greening project" that was initially developed by CEU.

Programs and services on education, livelihood, socio-cultural, sports/physical fitness, recreation, medical and dental, dietary, rehabilitation and burial services for the elderly are offered by the complex with limited financial and material support from the City Government of Manila.

Partner Organizatins

  1. Manila City Hall
  2. Gawad Kalinga (GK Phase II & GK VANA, Bgry. Tatalon, Quezon City

Manila Boys Town Complex

  • Primary Eye Care-Posterior Segment of the Eyes of the College of Optometry - June 19, 26, & July 3, 2011 at the Boys Home Unit
  • Tree Planting Project of the School of Science & Technology - June 19, 2011 at the Foundling Home
  • Training on Food Preparation for House Parents and Selected Youth in MBTC to be facilitated by the Faculty and Student Volunteers of the Nutrition Program
  • Monthly Clinic of the College of Nursing - July 17, 2011
  • Health Education on Pediatric Clients to be facilitated by the College of Nursing - July 24, 2011 at the Foundling Home
  • Medical Mission sponsored by the Medical Technology Alumni Chapter
  • Peri-Anal Swabbing facilitated by the College of Medical Technology - June 10 & September 11, 2011 at the Foundling Home
  • Free Eye Examinations (check-up, refraction and dispensing of eye glasses) of the College of Optometry - July 31, August 7, & November 13, 2011

Gawad Kalinga

  • Livelihood Seminar Program on Meat Processing with Lecture on Entrepreneurship at GK VANA to be sponsored by the School of Pharmacy

Lolita D. Pablo, MSSW, Ph.D.
Head, Community Outreach Department

Imelda A. Macaraig, MSSW
Outreach Assistant

Mrs. Marcelina Abella
COP Adviser, School of Accountancy and Management

Dr. Erlinda Santos
COP Adviser, School of Education-Liberal Arts-Music-Social Work

Ms. Ana Marie Rubenicia
COP Adviser, School of Pharmacy

Mrs. Jennifer Santos
COP Adviser, School of Science

Ms. Maria Belynda Oanes
COP Adviser, School of Nutrition and Hospitality Management

Dr. Felipe Wilfredo Espineli
COP Adviser, College of Dentistry

Mrs. Nenita Lim
COP Adviser, College of Medical Technology

Mr. Sonny Pura
COP Adviser, College of Nursing

Dr. Cecilia L. Yu
COP Adviser, College of Optometry

Mrs. Gemma Gornez

Ms. Luningning Marcelino