Communication and Media & Political Science

The Liberal Arts Program aims to develop students who:

  • Use the powers of the image and the word in communicating beauty, goodness and truth;
  • Manifest appropriate skills in planning, researching, managing and leading in the broadcast and print industry;
  • Explain/discuss the ever-changing dynamics of the relationship between mass media and society;
  • Demonstrate creativity, versatility, flexibility and competencies in information and communication technologies;
  • Utilize the power of the new media to awaken social and political awareness;
  • Demonstrate personal and work ethics/values in the media industry; and
  • Manifest patriotism and nationalism through active involvement in promoting Filipino values and identity through historical discourse


Program Description :Communication and Media


Welcome to Communication and Media program of Centro Escolar University!

     The BA Communication and Media program of CEU is a ‘hybrid’ course with subjects that cut across three specializations: Communication, Broadcasting and Journalism. It nevertheless adheres to CMOs 35, 37 and 41 by the Commission on Higher Education or CHED in those three areas respectively.

     This ‘hybridity’ recognizes that the contemporary world, from which mass media as an institution plays a significant role, does not restrict itself anymore from rigid specializations.

     Our postmodern society calls for amultidisciplinary approach taking its cue not from only one but several perspectives in the field of communication and media. As a consequence, students must be exposed to all fields of communication and media and allow them to choose their own path as future practitioners and scholars.

     Recent studies and our personal experiences in teaching media and communication led us to this direction.  

     In the age of “information society”, job opportunities for communication and media students have been widened to include knowledge management, digital analytics, media transcriptions, and multimedia management, to name a few. Some of our students while finishing their studies are already working as content providers for online platforms like the video blogging site YouTube.

     The age of mass media where the flow of information is controlled by large media organizations has ended. People all over the world have been given an enormous power to access, consume, and produce all kinds of information in the age of digital media.

     Our new course offering, nonetheless, does not only respond to the demands of time in preparing our students in the field as practitioners. It also take into consideration the need to produce communication and media scholars so they can actively participate and share their knowledge in the ever growing number of communication and media intellectuals in the Philippines and around the world.



1. Demonstrate understanding of oral and written communication through active and meaningful participation in socio-civic activities inside and outside the school.

2. Apply high level communication skills in using all mass media platforms like print, radio, television and emerging media, to effectively communicate with fellow Filipinos and other citizens of the world society.

3. Create communication campaigns and media programs like news and documentaries that promote individual and social rights.

4. Use the power of different mass media platforms to ensure a healthy civil society that promotes active participation of all citizens in a democratic society.

5. Produce relevant research outputs on production, content, processes, and ownership of old and new media as bases for knowledge building and policy formulation.

6. Promote media literacy in the Philippines by conducting Media and Information Literacy (MIL) seminar workshops and trainings and community outreach. 

7. Defend press freedom as the oxygen of a free society through active participation in national public discussions and school seminars.


Strengths of the Program

  • Highest level of accreditation, level IV, by PACUCOA (PLEAS SPELL THIS OUT) as certified by FAAP (PLEASE SPELL THIS OUT)
  • With efficient and qualified faculty members, excellent and updated curriculum and a conducive learning environment and facilities
  • The only communication and media schools in the country where students have an option of having 21 units of Education (including 6 units of teaching internship) for Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)
  • With successful graduates deployed in various communication and media organizations, State institutions, and other business enterprises where their expertise are needed in the country.
  • With sophisticated equipment and laboratories to make the students’ training at par with national and international standards.
  • In partnership with some of the best organizations in the country in the field of communication and media like ABS-CBN, Kapisanan ng mgaBrodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP), Philippine News Agency(PNA), and Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism(PCIJ).