Admission and Enrollment Policies
  1. An applicant for a Masterals degree should be a Bachelor degree holder with a weighted average of at least 2.00 or its equivalent. He/She should also be proficient in English and shall manifest evidence of creativity and research potential.

  2. An applicant for a doctoral degree should have a Masterals degree with a weighted average of at least 1.75 or its equivalent, have at least 2 years of teaching or administrative experience or its equivalent, be proficient in English and manifest evidence of ability to think clearly, logically and creatively.

  3. An applicant shall be required to submit an original transcript of records with Special Order (S.O.).Applicants from state colleges and universities shall be required to submit only the original transcript of records Transferees should present transfer credentials in addition to Transcript upon enrolment.

  4. New students and transferees shall be required to take the Graduate School qualifying exam. Only students who completed their MastersĀ  degree in CEU shall be exempted from the qualifying exam when they enroll in the doctoral program.

  5. The Graduate School Associate Dean shall interview the applicant and shall refer him/her to the School Dean concerned who, in turn, shall evaluate his/her scholastic records.

  6. Transfer applicants may be given credits for a maximum of nine (9) units in the Masters program or twelve (12) units in the Doctoral program of subjects taken from a reputable school upon advice and recommendation of the School Dean concerned.